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Thordon Bearings is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, long lasting bearings that require no oil or grease, from grease-free wicket bearings for clean hydro generation to pump bearings in a variety of industrial applications.  Thousands of pump repair shops, OEMs, and end users around the world recognize Thordon bearing as the prove choice for performance and value.  Thoron bearing are built to last, with no impact on the environment.

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Thordon SXL and Thordon HPSXL can be housed in a metallic carrier called TRAXL to reinforce strength for high pressure applications.  TRAXL uses about 2mm (1/16”) wall of bearing material and protects the bearing from deformation.  It is often applied where bearings are subject to extreme pressures of up to 70MPa (10,000 psi).


Thordon XL has a very long life with a low coefficient of friction.  It is resistant to abrasion and provides optimum performance in clean water applications.


Thordon Composite is made specifically for use in very abrasive water environments.  Compared to rubber, Composite is stiffer, has at least twice the abrasion resistance, and has a lower coefficient of friction.  Composite is easy to install, water lubricated (no grease), and reduces maintenance downtime.


ThorPlas-Blue is an engineered thermoplastic, capable of dry start-up and design pressures up to 45Mpa (6,527 psi).  It operates in water and chemicals, up to 80°C (230°F).  In dry conditions, it operates up to 100°C (230°F).  In non-abrasive environments, ThorPlas-Blue has very low wear rates.


ThorPlas-White is NSF/ANSI 61 and WRAS approved for drinking water applications, as well as NSF/ANSI 51 certification for food equipment applications.  It has a low coefficient of friction, low wear, and excellent dry-run capability due to built-in lubricants. It is easy to install and to machine—no nuisance dust produced as a result.


The preferred choice for dry start-up capability, Thordon SXL offers a lower dry coefficient of friction of 0.10-0.20.  It also capable of workings pressures up to 12MPa (1,740 psi).  SXL is highly resistant to abrasion, shock loading and vibration, and can operate in wet or dry conditions.

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